Cuckoo pattern update

January is flying by and I've not done half of the things on this months to do list yet - where does the time go? I had decided to give myself this weekend off from work. I have been very busy since the New Year with submitting research grant applications, marking student assignments, preparing for my annual NHS appraisal (passed - phew!) and writing knitting patterns for my first collection and not had a day off. The trouble is, I'm just not very good at not doing anything when I know there are jobs to be done.

So, yesterday I took some kits to Crafty Praxis in Huddersfield as they had run out of some lines over Christmas, picked up some buttons for a pair of baby shoes I have crocheted for a friend due any day now and purchased some yarn as my step-dad has bought himself a new mobile phone and the old piggy cozy no longer fits so he has requested a new one. Apparently I don't have any pink 4-ply yarn in my stash - who would have thought that possible??? So my rest day was quite busy in the end.

I also started updating another pattern to my new layout. This time it is the turn of my Cuckoo knitting pattern. I love this pattern as it is so easy to knit but looks pretty realistic and cute at the same time.

This pattern layout is slightly different to the Owly Bookmark pattern which is going to be my standard format. I love the long picture down the side of the normal format but it just does not work for every pattern. Some things just look better in a landscape picture - particularly fat little birdies like this Cuckoo.

The pattern has been updated on Ravelry and this website. I have also added the pattern to my Craftsy, Patternfish and Etsy shops. I have updated all these shops with my new company name so they should be easy to find.