Work-life balance

A little while ago I was approached by the Academy of Medical Sciences to feature in their MedSciLife project. They feature stories from people who work in medicine and health research who have passions and interests outside of their main career. They asked me to share how knit and crochet designing influences my career as an academic general practitioner and the similarities and differences between my roles. This is the video they produced.

I think the Barry Gibb and the AMS team have produced a great video. Filming it was far easier than I expected - particularly as I showed up thinking it was a photoshoot (completely my fault, I had not read the email properly and refused to believe I was going to be filmed!). We used BaaRamEwe yarn shop as the background as I love working with them and their colourful wall of yarn is a beautiful setting.

I think combining a life of design and academic medicine helps create balance, encourages my creative side but also helps with resilience when life has its ups and downs. I have knitted through illnesses, deaths of loved ones, when dealing with the frequent rejections that is a normal part of academic work and to wind down after a difficult day. Often my most creative moments of inspiration are when I am struggling with a different problem, and one idea often leads to the solution of another challenge.

You can read more stories from those who work in medical and biomedical research on the MedSciLife page and their passions outside of work, there are some very inspiring people on there.

Happy knitting,

Sarah x