Winter Blooms

Winter Blooms is my new collection which is due to be released at Yarndale this year. The collection features twelve patterns inspired by the gardens of Winterfell from the Game of Thrones series by George R.R. Martin. 

The idea for the book came about from the shows popular catch phrase: "Winter is coming". Every time I picked up my knitting needles with the idea to make something warm and cozy the phrase came to mind. Winter is coming.... better get knitting!

There will be seven garments and five accessory patterns in the collection and each pattern is inspired by a plant that could be grown in a northerly climate. The first pattern will be Weirwood shown on the book cover below, inspired by the important sacred trees from the stories.

Front cover Winter Blooms.jpg

This collection is a WIP (work-in-progess) of its own and I am releasing it in stages. This Friday (15th Sept) the ebook and Weirwood will be available. The next four patterns will be released and added to the ebook over the next 7 days before Yarndale. The remaining seven patterns will be released and added to the ebook over the next twelve months with a final completion in September 2018.

The patterns will be available to buy individually and you will be able to convert past purchases of the individual patterns into the ebook at any time. The price of the ebook will be £15.99 whilst the collection is not complete and will rise once all patterns are released. The print version will also be available to preorder from my website shop from Wednesday. The price is also reduced to £19.99 for pre-orders and includes a complimentary ebook on the preorder only.  The book will be delivered the week of its release in September 2018. I know this is a long time to wait, but I believe it will be worth it!

Happy knitting x

Happy Starwars Day sale!

May the fourth be with you! I love the fun and corny puns and memes this day has and since I am a big geek who loves to share my fandoms with you through knitting and crochet, I am offering 25% off all patterns, books, kits and notions in my Ravelry and online shop today only as a flash lightsaber sale. Use the code MAY4TH2017 on checkout to get the discount. 

Happy lightsabering,

Sarah x