Pink Piggy Phone Cozy

Fancy crocheting a cute pink pig cozy for your phone? This free pattern is very simple but I have added some hints and tips below to help you get going if you are new to crocheting. The pattern has been updated to include 3 sizes to fit different sized mobile phones. It is available for free here.

English crochet terms are used throughout this article.

~Getting Started~

The body part of this cozy starts with a simple chain and then double crochet (dc) stitches into the chain itself. Once you get to the beginning of the chain, the last stitch has 3 dc stitches into it. 

You then need to turn the chain upside down and dc into the bottom edge of the crochet chain (it often looks like a little bar along the edge of the work).

Once you have joined the dc stitches in the round, this gives a flat bottom to the cozy. Then the body of the pig cozy is made up of rows of dc stitches into each dc of the previous row.


The two little ears are made by changing to a darker pink yarn. The light pink yarn will not be used for the moment. To stop it unravelling, draw through a large loop of the light pink yarn and leave it hanging for the moment.

To rejoin the dark pink yarn in the correct place, miss the number of stitches the pattern gives for your size of cozy and then in the next st, put your hook under the top of the dc and draw through a loop of the dark pink yarn.

Work the ear stitches as described in the pattern with the dark pink yarn. After the first ear is complete, break the yarn and fasten off.

Repeat the process for the second ear following the instructions for placement in the pattern.

~Cozy Edging~

To finish around the top of the cozy a final row of dc covers all the stitches with decreases at the corners which narrows the opening slightly, keeping the phone securely in place.

Using the light pink yarn which was left hanging, pull the yarn back to a normal sized loop and place on your hook ready to go. One dc stitch is worked into each stitch of the ears except for the double treble crochet (dtr) stitch which has 2 dc in it - this is the centre stitch of each ear.

~Colour Changing Nose~

The nose is worked flat so there is a right side and a wrong side. The nostrils are made using an intarsia technique.

To create a neat colour change, work to the stitch before the colour change occurs. Start the stitch as normal but do not finish the stitch.

The stitch is finished by using the colour yarn of the next titch.

The process is repeated for every colour change across the row. Do not break the yarn between the colour changes but instead leave it on the wrong side of the nose and pull it up to use again as needed.

When working the wrong side rows make sure the yarns always keep at the front (wrong side) of the work to stop them showing on the right side.


When you have finished this step the back of the nose will look a bit like this.

~Nose Edging~

The final round of the nose is a dark pink dc edging. The dark pink yarn is rejoined to the last dc worked as before by drawing a loop through the top of the stitch on the row below.

Work one dc into to top of each st along the top row, one dc into the side of each st of each row down the sides, one dc into each st of the bottom edge of the foundation chain and again one dc into each st of each row up the other side. Join in the round with a slip stitch into the first dark pink dc and break yarn and fasten off.

~Sewing Everything Together~

Use a running stitch in the light pink yarn to sew the nose to the front of the pig cozy in the centre. Use small stitches so they cannot be seen and sew just underneath the dark pink edging.

The tail is just one row of decrease stitches (double crochet 2 together) into a foundation chain which gives it a characteristic curl.

To attach, thread the tail of yarn from the slip knot and the tail of yarn from the last fastened off stitch either side of one dc stitch on the back of the cozy in the centre about 4 cm (1.5 inches) from the bottom and pull through to the inside of the cozy. Weave in both ends securely.

Finally to finish, block your cozy by soaking it in water and then pinning it out to dry in the correct shape and size.

Pink Piggy Phone Cozy is a free pattern that is available on this website. Please check out my other patterns, including other free patterns here. Like my work? You can sign up for email updates and exclusive offers here.